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Fully Customized Online Remote Control Platform

A bridge between your users and website. A fully customized online UI for your control system.


Customers: Human being that can send email and browse web page.

Merchants: Non-static website.

Easily Control (EC) Key Features

ICN (Instant Control Notification) based on email

Instant Control Notification (ICN) notifies websites almost instantly about user control events, such as:

  • Login to EC.
  • Submit form.
  • Control events.

Websites can use their backend processes to act based on the information they receive. For example, they can:

  • Trigger register fulfillment.
  • Trigger login process.
  • Trigger changing main email process.
  • Trigger adding another email process.
  • Update their customer list.
  • Controlling terminal devices.
  • Update devices status.

How it works

EC verifies customer via receiving email from customer. Once email is verified by EC, EC will notify merchant via sending ICN message to ICN listener URL. Merchants create an ICN listener page on their website and then specify the URL of the listener page in their EC account profile. EC then sends notifications of all control-related events to that URL. When customers do control operations, EC sends a secure FORM POST containing payment information (ICN messages) to the URL. The ICN listener detects and processes ICN messages using the merchant backend processes. The ICN listener page contains a custom script or program that waits for the messages, validates them with EC, and then passes them to various backend applications for processing.

So, merchant can maintenance account management processes including register, login, reset password, change email, add second email etc. without sending any email. Customers can completely lose their passwords because the authorization process based on email without the need for a password.

Please keep in mind that it is unwise to send mailbox confirmation message to an unknown mailbox at the time of registration. If you encounter a malicious trap, it will be dangerous.

Using ICN in your control flow

Although EC usually processes ICN messages immediately, ICN is not synchronized with actions on your website. Internet connectivity is not always 100% reliable and ICN messages can be lost or delayed.

Because ICN is not a real-time service, your control flow should not wait for the ICN message before it is allowed to complete. If the control flow is dependent on receiving an ICN message, processing can be delayed by system load or other reasons. You should configure your control flow to handle a possible delay.


There are no fees for Instant Control Notification.

CAPTCHA based on email

CAPTCHA is Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.

If you are a webmaster, you may already be familiar with reCAPTCHA, but you may not know that you have turned away 20% of the world’s readers if you use it. If you are a reader, you must have a deep understanding of it.

Similar to ICN based on email, EC verifies human being via receiving email from customer. Once email is verified by EC, EC will notify you via sending ICN message to your website.


Create smart forms on EC

You can create complex and boring forms in EC. Users can fill out your forms on EC and submit it. EC sends form data to your website via instant messaging.

You can create multiple forms. For example, feedback, comments, etc. You don't have to worry about authentication, CAPTCHA, spamming and other issues. Because even if your website doesn't have a login system, you can make sure that the one sending the message is a human being, not a machine. And you know their mailboxes.

You can create beautiful and professional forms via Vole PageShare.


Create a unidirectional control Form

You can add a variety of controls to your form, such as button, check box, radio box, text box, number, slide, and more. When user submits the form, the values of those variables are sent to your website. These data can be used to control various switching and analog devices.

Create bidirectional control Form

While sending variables, EC receives periodic incoming data from your website and updates the status of the form corresponding variable based on that data. In order to achieve two-way real-time control and status display.

Create Advanced control Form

With EC, you can bring a very complex control system to online. Here is an example – online main line railway control system.