Virus Scan False Positives

Just because several virus scanners are reporting a suspicious website or download does not necessarily mean that there is a virus. Virus Scanners are not 100% perfect, and often report applications that access functions of the computer, such as the keyboard and mouse as being suspicious, when in fact there are no problems at all. Virus Scanners are updated regularly so these values can change over time.

This is especially true when software just released. Even software released by a large company like Microsoft, browsers and antivirus software will take at least a week to adapt. Please note that website alarm is merely a recommendation, a standard practice, and not a specific threat to be found. They are only suggested, rather than confirming what danger. In general, they usually have this prompt as long as they are not frequently used files.

There are more than 50 unique anti-virus companies report our products are total clear. That is more than enough. At Sanwhole we guarantee our products are 100% clean. We try our best to follow up with the virus scanning company to rectify the error. These updates often take time to propagate through.

Our products have been available for nearly 10 years. Our products are hosted on many famous websites and get their 100% clean awards such as Softpedia, Majorgeeks, Softonic, Bitsdujour etc.

Our website https certification issued by COMODO RSA CA.

Our installer and exe certification issued by SECTIGO RSA CA.


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