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The CHM file, once the overlord of the help file, now seems to be disappearing. Most of today's young people don't know what it is. However, even now, few online helps can provide users with the user experience of CHM help files, especially in search. However, with the progress of the times, tens of thousands of CHM documents have to withdraw from the historical stage. But they are not just CHM files, they contain the author's time, and the author's time is the author's life. If it cannot be used again, the time and life of countless authors will be wasted.

Vole CHM to website tries to solve this problem. The CHM file can be converted into an advanced tree website with one-step import operation. The converted website is clean, complete, and can be run stand-alone and off-line. Especially in search, it can be comparable or even better than CHM. With Vole CHM to Website, you no longer have to worry that your CHM files can't be read online.

Microsoft dksmgt.chm in Windows chm default viewer


Converted online diskmgt.chm

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