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Vole Windows Expedition Ultimate Edition LTUD

This is an ultimate feature, 1-user-computer, perpetual use license plus 1-year free upgrade, for noncommercial use.

Vole Windows Expedition Ultimate Edition LTUG

This is an ultimate feature, 1-user-computer, perpetual use license plus perpetual free upgrade, for noncommercial use.

Vole Windows Expedition Business Ultimate Edition AUTD 1-Year

This is an ultimate feature, 1-user-computer, 1-year use license plus 1-year free upgrade, for commercial or noncommercial use.


To use purchased license, you need register on Sanwhole website. To use giveaway license doesn’t need register.

Purchased licenses are kept in your Sanwhole account.  Even if you reinstall your computer, your licenses will not be lost. You can still activate your computers again for free. Giveaway licenses are saved on your computer. If you lose it, you will not be able to get it back from us.


Free, Standard, Professional and Ultimate.


School, Personal, Business and Enterprise.

School license can be used for school only; Personal license can be used for personal, noncommercial; Only business, enterprise license can be used for commercial. Personal license omits the "personal" tag by default.



Always Up To Date.

Free minor update and major upgrade during subscription duration. Provide free edition features out of subscription duration.


Life Time use + free 1-year major Updates.

From the date of purchase, you can get at least 1 years of free update service. After that, the software can continue to be used, but will not be updated for free. The time limit of giveaway license upgrade refers to the description during the promotion period.


Life Time use + free major Upgrades.

You can free upgrade to any version, just like you have bought all windows version at once, include Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 etc.



Sanwhole Studio 365 services provide Sanwhole Studio 365 Read free services and Sanwhole Studio 365 Edit charged services.

To use Sanwhole Studio 365 paid services, you need purchase Sanwhole Studio 365 service subscription license.

Sanwhole Studio 365 service subscription license code is valid for both desktop software and online software services. While desktop software license code cannot use for online software service.

Because the service occupies server resources, Sanwhole Studio 365 service subscription is paid monthly or annually.


Full Test

Fully Test Before Purchase

All Sanwhole software can be fully tested before purchase. You can download and install the free software for complete functional test. Free version of the software has all the functions, but in use will pop up countdown window. After the countdown, the corresponding function will be automatically effective.



Sanwhole software products support 30-day money-back guarantee.

Try Sanwhole software risk-free.

Get a full refund (deducting order fee charged by e-commerce) within 30 days.


Each license allows installation one user on one computer. If you need to install to more computers or more users, you need to buy more license codes.

Keep MSI installer

Keep the msi installer to prevent the license from being invalid due to inadvertently updating the higher version. In this case, uninstall the higher version and install the original installation file again, and the existing license will still be valid.


Activation requires an Internet link. You can activate your same PCs at any time and as many times as you want for free.


Deleting the license code from one computer and assigning it to another computer is called license code transfer. Each purchased license code supports up to 5 transfers. Giveaway license doesn’t support license transfer.


AUTD edition renewal price is same with order price. LTUD and LTUG edition may be used indefinitely.


The longest dormancy period of giveaway license is 1 year. Licenses that have not been used for more than 1 year (software not started) will be automatically deleted. Login your account, you can see your use records.

There is no such restriction on the purchase license.


Support is provided at Sanwhole Forums.

At Expiration

At subscription expiration (AUTD only), the applications enter free edition. For the specific functions of the free version of the software, please refer to the PLANS of the corresponding software on the software home page.


In order to prevent your licenses not to be terminated due to piracy, we require users to use real full name registration. The software will display the license owner full name on the top of the software, for example: “Hi Norman Wong!”

Because using real full name registration, others dare not use your license and you will not use others. This protects us and protects you, too. We will stop the piracy license even if it is yours.






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