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Sanwhole Studio


Vole Internet Expedition

Multi-view docking web browsers

Vole Windows Expedition

Dual-panel multimedia file explorers

Vole Office

A light Microsoft Word and Excel editor

Vole Briefcase

Alternative to Power Point support HTML5

Vole PageShare

Create professional website via editing Word document in the built-in Word editor.

Vole Edutainment

Alternative to Windows Media Player, can also play Word, PDF, website, YouTube and more.

Vole Magic Note

Create multimedia daily note and share notes as you want.

Vole PDF Creator

Create professional PDF via editing Word document in the built-in Word editor.

Vole Media CHM

Multimedia CHM Creator, show website, YouTube, MP4 and more within CHM.

Vole Word Reviewer

Reviewer Microsoft Word without changing the file.


Vole CHM to Website

Convert CHM file to advanced tree style website.




Plan-Do-Check-Act Four-Step Quality Management Method.




Sanwhole Studio 365 Online Free Services

Sanwhole Exchange iMail Server


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