Sanwhole was founded in 2008. Sanwhole focuses on software development, is active in areas that need to be addressed but still unresolved, and offers easy and enjoyable solutions.

Sanwhole Office provides a complete desktop for individuals including web browser, file explorer, word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, media player, magic note, website creator, PDF creator, CHM creator and memory enhancer. Sanwhole Office for your daily work, learning, life software needs, each has a unique function.

Sanwhole Exchange provides a complete office environment for businesses including mailbox server, file sharing server, information server, and online store server. Sanwhole Exchange servers are self-hosted, fully web-client access and can be deployed in company network and Internet.

iOffice Remote Working System provides remote working online services and local ISO 9000 P-D-C-A process control, continual improvement and documented information control to achieve real remote working for government, enterprise and organization.

iSchool Remote Education System is an iOffice system dedicated to students' homework and examination, provides school local and remote homework ISO 9000 P-D-C-A process control and documented information control process control.

Sanwhole Railway Signal stands at the forefront of railway signals, presenting to you online the top technology and development prospects of railway signals from a unique internet perspective. You can manipulation railway signal station equipment at home, in the office or even on your mobile phone to experience the work of station operators.

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