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Sanwhole was founded in 2008 in Beijing, China. Sanwhole is dedicated to the development software. Now, Sanwhole Office provides a complete digital desktop for individuals. Sanwhole Exchange creates a complete digital office environment for businesses, Easily Control is fully customized online remote control platform and Sanwhole Cloud provides a convenient and fast online sharing platform for individuals and businesses.

About Owner

The owner and leader of Sanwhole is 王明正 (WANG MING ZHENG, English name is Norman Wong). Norman started out as senior engineer in the railway and subway train signal automatic control field and working in the field more than 20 years. He has worked in R & amp; d and Design in a number of fields. Including main line railway hump control 6 years, TMIS 2 year, DMIS 1 year, CTC 1 year, in the subway interlocking, ATP, ATO field with British Westinghouse Railway signal cooperation for 6 years. He is an expert on railway signal control, subway ATP, ATO train computer automatic control. Norman is well versed in project management, quality management and safety management. Prior to focusing on managing Sanwhole, he was the general manager of a well-known metro signal control company.

Title: WANG MING ZHENG, Norman Wong, 王明正 - Description: WANG MING ZHENG, Norman Wong, 王明正

Norman has a passion for software. In childhood, he has excellent performance in computer. Has won the national computer competitions first prize. At that time he used the computer is APPLE II. Norman doesn't like to waste time, like to let the computer do repetitive tasks to save time. Sanwhole software is initially because he was unable to find the save time software and create it for his own use. For example, Creating Vole Internet Expedition is because of unacceptable wasting time on surfing the internet; Creating Vole Windows Expedition is because of unacceptable wasting time on managing files; Creating Vole Media CHM is because of unacceptable wasting time on creating help etc. You may contact him at norman@sanwhole.com.


Sanwhole strong but small. Due to this, we have to make a choice in High-quality software or High-quality description. We first chose the former; Sanwhole growth is very fast. Our software features are updated every week and increasing every month; Sanwhole software is very advanced. Because of this, Sanwhole software has its operating rules. The software can be used normally in accordance with the steps we have suggested.


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