Vole Internet Expedition

One-click to get all your websites ready in a nicely gallery format.

A multi-view, dockable, saveable, recoverable and 4k supported fast web browser.

Vole Internet Expedition is a multi-view, dockable, saveable, recoverable and 4k supported new generation web browser, a fast and more graceful way to browse the web. Vole Internet Expedition Multi-View feature allows you to make full use of the large display and compare the contents of multiple web pages at the same time. Scene-Reproduce feature save all open web pages properties when the software is closed and reproduces all the websites that you customized automatically at software startup. Docking-tabbed feature lets you dock and table your websites as you want. 4K supported function, perfect support for 4K display and scaling. With Vole Internet Expedition, you do not have to manually search, open and close the same websites again and again, you do not have to manually adjust the websites docking and table position again and again. So have a cup of coffee, open the software lets Vole Internet Expedition do all for you, it will save much time for you every day.


Vole Internet Expedition Multi-View feature allows you to make full use of the large display and compare the contents of multiple web pages at the same time.


One-click operate, gets all web pages within any scene ready automatically. Instant navigation and accurate position. Scene-Reproduce feature will automatically save the opened web pages and their docking configuration to your local disk and will restore the opened web pages same as saved when starts. And more, scene can be exported and imported. If you export your scene and import to as many as other computers, BOOM, all the other computers will open websites same as yours.




Docking-Tabbed is premium window control technology that lets you dock and table window as you want, Parallel, Vertical, Horizontal, Float, Horizontal Group, Vertical Group, Prominent, etc. This lets you view your web pages more convenient than ever. Most of the software you can imagine cannot provide this complicated feature, such as Windows, Office, iTunes, etc. Up to now, any other web browsers don't have this feature.


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Five-level Topology & Multi-Process Mode

Web pages, categories, projects, scenes and scene manager five-level topology structure, the heaviest loaded web browsers. Vole Internet Expedition can open these huge number of web pages in single process like Firefox or multi-process like Chrome.

S:\04 Work\07 TimeLine\2016-04-11\04 VWW\VIE\VIE_en_Five-levelTopology&Multi-ProcessMode.png

Scenes Synchronize

The software supports scenes synchronize data via Scene Export and Scene Import command. Scenes synchronize supports between setup editions and portable editions. So, you can import scenes from your work laptop into your home desktop when go home. Or you can import scenes from your workmates. The built-in VIE Examples is just a scene export from our PC. You can import it into your PC when click it. Imagine, open all preset websites in gallery style in the scenes without typing a word! That is Great!

Scene Sync 320X200


On the same condition, all of them are the latest versions, and Vole Internet Expedition won the test against mainstream web browsers.


Vole Internet Expedition, Edge, Chrome and Firefox Speed Test










Vole Internet Expedition Classic Experience









Manual install requirements


1, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 must be installed.

2, Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable X64 or X86 must be installed.

3, Please manually uninstall the old version of the software and install the new version.

4, 32-bit only can be installed at 32-bit computer, and 64-bit only can be installed at 64-bit computer.


Platforms: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11, Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019, 32-bit and 64-bit.

Auto detect and install requirements

You may click the installer below to let Microsoft to detect and installer the pre-requirements automatically.

If you run the software with the following errors, it is likely that you have not installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Update 3. Please install it here and try running the software again.





How to show my desktop software?

After install and start Sanwhole Studio, there are only show serval software name on the main menu such as Browser, Explorer, Word, Excel. If you want to show other software, you can click the top left round button and select them on the Preferred Software menu.


How to register on Sanwhole website?


Our registration system is different from others. It has anti-spam protection, won't send you any email.

You must use your register email to send an email to to prove that the register email-box belongs to you.

The Submit button at the bottom of the registration page is valid, indicating that our register system has received your email.

Be sure to click Submit button to complete the registration.

Please complete the whole registration process within 10 minutes, otherwise please re register.


If YouTube Video is not ready for you, try the same VoleTube video.




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Product User Guide


Product User Guide

















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