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Online Traditional Education



SWOTE – Sanwhole Online Traditional Education

A remote education self-help platform based on traditional education that allows principals to set up online virtual schools, teachers teach remotely, students learn remotely, and obtain the same quality of education as in school learning.



Micro-Home-School Pods

SWOTE provides an excellent platform for micro-home-school. Parents can set up their own virtual schools like Pods and teach in turn.

  • Safest

Unlike pods, which are well known, SWOTE Pods is still remote education, all children are still learning in their own homes.

  • Freest

There are no restrictions on the teaching content and course arrangement of SWOTE, which is completely decided by parents. Conditional parents can help themselves as teachers and teach in turn.

  • Fastest

The audit time required to start SWOTE Pods is very fast, and your child can go to class as soon as one day.

  • Almost Free

We only charges SWOTE Pods a symbolic basic fee, no other fees. It is almost free.

  • Fairest

Both high-income and low-income families can afford it.

Learning at Home

In SWOTE, students can learn from at home, and obtain the same quality of education as in school learning.

Students are still learning in the traditional way, including teachers in class teaching, students do homework after class, teachers correct students' homework, students correct their mistakes. As the whole every day learning process of students is the same as that in school, they are still guided by real people teachers, students' homework and test papers are corrected by real people teachers, so students can get the same quality education at home as in school. Therefore, even if the school is closed, students can continue to complete their studies.

Teaching from Home

Apply for an online school in SWOTE, and you can teach remotely.

SWOTE remote teaching is based on traditional education. The teaching process is basically the same as that in school, but by remote means. Teaching in class, after-school assignment, revision of homework every day is still the main work of teachers. As a result, the workload of teachers has not decreased but has also increased slightly, and is therefore fully eligible for equal pay even when teaching at home.

Dream of Principal

Always dream of having your own online school? We can help you realize your dream.

You can set up an online school as principal on SWOTE self-help platform. SWOTE provides complete remote platform and desktop software. All you need to do is recruit teachers and enroll students and you can get the expected benefits.






Enterprise-Grade Video Conferencing

Take advantage of the secure-by-design infrastructure, built-in protection, and global network that SWOTE uses to secure your information and safeguard your privacy. SWOTE video conferencing system is encrypted in transit and our array of default-on anti-abuse measures keep your meetings safe.

You can join a video conferencing classroom from any device - desktop/laptop, Android or iPhone/iPad.  Present your entire screen or an application window. Chat messaging with students and teacher.