Vole Series Windows Software

Vole Internet Expedition: A graceful Web Browser.

Vole Windows Expedition: A graceful File Manager.

Vole Edutainment: A documents & media Player.

Vole Magic Note: A multimedia Diary.

Vole Remember: Memory Enhancement.

Vole Word Reviewer: Review and Digital Sign Word.

Vole CHM Reviewer: Review and Digital Sign CHM.

Vole Media CHM: Multimedia CHM Creator.

Vole PDCA: Project PDCA Management.

Vole Word to Website: Create Websites using Word.

Vole CHM to Website: Convert CHM to Website.

License and Activation: Each license allows installation on all owned computers. No online activated required.

i Series ASP.NET Software

iMail: Free Business Mail Solution. Web-client access, Web-admin management, Self-hosted server, no database server required.

iStore: Free Online Store Solution. Web-admin management, Self-hosted server, no database server required. Standard purchase flow, PayPal IPN, email and automate holidays sales.

iExchange: Free Information Exchange Solution. Set Blog, Forums, Group and Ticket information exchange for one. Web-admin management, Self-hosted server, Email notification, no database server required and no any extra limitation.

Free License: Free for use by anyone and for any purpose, commercial or non-commercial.


Web Help Service: A library providing online presentation creating and hosting service.

Paid Technical Servies: Professional, private paid technical services for enterprise, school and other organization.

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