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We are maintaining our website via Vole Word to Website, some pages may not be accessible. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Vole Media CHM

The easiest and the cheapest way to sign your contracts, files or cargo transfer records, meeting minutes etc. Vole Media CHM lets you integrate any document into project documents library and uniquely supports PKCS #12 exclusive and non-exclusive digital signature which can support one or more people digital sign the library at same time. It is the easiest and the cheapest way to sign your contracts, files or cargo transfer records, meeting minutes etc.

Multimedia Collection Library

Vole Media CHM is a multimedia library that integrates all your documents and online resources into a single-file library plus MS Office Word based library description. Vole Media CHM can integrate local disk images, audio, video, documents and online resources into VMC multimedia library and preview them in the built-in media player. So You can create your Photo gallery, Audio collection, Video collection, YouTube collection, Website collection with ease.

Create Stunning Microsoft CHM help file

Vole Media CHM is a supper CHM creator and editor. You can create a Microsoft Office Word fashion style CHM help file and modify it at any time.  Vole Media CHM can convert any Microsoft Office Word to CHM file format with easy.  You can modify your CHM file late via modify your Office Word doc, too.

Vole Media CHM can integrate multimedia into CHM  file and create single file VMC Media Library, let you create a multimedia based CHM help file.  You can link images, audio, video, documents, websites, web media and YouTube video into VMC Media Library - the new generation CHM help file.

And more, Sanwhole provides free software VMC Reader. With VMC Reader, anyone can free view any VMC Media Library - A multimedia based CHM help doc.

Special Writing Tools

If you are using Microsoft Office Word to write reports. You will search, reference and cite a lot of local disk resources and online resources. Even if the report finished, you also want to retain these important data. Addition, you've done a detailed investigation and research for this report, but do not want write all the date into the report, because you want to reserve some important date yourself only. For both cases, how do you handle it? Before practice, you do have to make another file to retain these important information. But in most cases, these important resources and information in particular have been lost over time. With Vole Media CHM, all this will change.

Music Mate displays animation artworks cover and sync play lyrics

With Music Mate you can display full size artworks cover, animation artworks cover and sync lyrics display while listening to the music. Music Mate supports for most popular music such as mp3, flac, m4a etc, it is much better than Windows Media Player and Apple iTunes.

Music Mate automatically sync the lyrics and play progress bar. So when you can adjust the play progress bar, the lyrics will be adjusted automatically. If you double click the lyrics, the play progress bar will be automatically adjusted.

VMC Discovery

Discovery VMC Multimedia Library in any webpage and preview the media integrated just like local way.

VMC Discovery is the standard function embedded in any Vole Products. You can find VMC Discovery on the right side in the software main window.

VMC Discovery will automatically analyze any web page and try to find out VMC media library.  When analyze is ready, VMC Discovery will list the analyze results on the bottom list. You can click the VMC multimedia items and preview the integrated multimedia online.


Countdown Timer

A countdown timer that supports several preset timer plus customize timer and makes text, image and sound alarm when triggered.

Just one key, you can set a countdown timer including 5, 10, 15, 20 etc. minutes intervals. And you may set different interval via enter value. The timer will display the time left when counting down and will make text, image and sound alarm when timeout. You can click stop to close the timer, or the timer will display the over time. 

A convenient timer is very useful especially when you concentrate on more than one thing.


Six Color Themes

Six beautiful featured themes relax your eyes; they are: Office Blue, Office Silver, Office Black, Media Blue, Media Orange and Media Purple;

More Features:

Word2CHM feature lets you covert any Microsoft Office Word file to CHM with ease.

Cover Design feature lets you design the cover for your VMC media library and it will be first displayed when open.

Background Music feature can play the customize background music when you browse the media library.

SFX feature lets you create a Self-extract EXE format VMC media library, anyone can browse this format VMC media library even doesn't install the software.

Super Search feature lets you never miss any information in the media library.

How to use Vole Media CHM without Microsoft Office Word installed?

Tutorial Video


Generic Function Modules


Calculate one or two files MD5 values to verify or compare files.


Create a unique 32 chars string.


Base64 is a group of similar binary-to-text encoding schemes.

Word to CHM

Free Covert Microsoft Word doc to CHM help doc.

CHM Viewer

Free preview Microsoft CHM doc.

Magic GIF

Convert images to GIF animation, support delay and size customized.

Images Watermark

Add text and image watermark to images.

Music Mate

Attach image, GIF animation and lyrics to music.

Find and Replace

Find and replace in files.






Free Edition

Professional Edition

Ultimate Edition



Multimedia Library

Vole Media CHM is a multimedia library that integrates all your documents and online resources into a single-file library plus MS Office Word based library description. Vole Media CHM can integrate local disk images, audio, video, documents and online resources into VMC multimedia library and preview them in the built-in media player.



Add rich text review to Microsoft Office Word each heading line or the whole content without changing the file.


Digital Sign

Exclusive and non-exclusive digital signature, lets one or more people in your project team sign without changing the file.



Vole Media CHM can preview a variety of document and online resources in the built-in media player. You don’t have to open other application. Vole Media CHM can preview any local disk and online images, audio, video. Vole Media CHM can present Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PDF, CHM, VMC, RTF, TXT, SWF, GIF, HTM, HMT, YouTube video, websites, webpage and file folder.


Playback Control

Supports auto play, duration, sequence, select, repeat, start and end position, auto scroll playback control.


Music Mate

Vole Media CHM Music Mate feature can display the full artwork cover, uniquely support animation artwork cover and sync play lyrics while playing the music.


Power Search

Vole Media CHM search feature doesn't disturb your current work and shows search results in instant extended parallel window.  And more, the search result window structure is same with its original edit window. So you can have bird eyes on the search results with ease.


Password Protect

You can protect your VMC multimedia library with password.


Publish with license

You can publish your VMC media library with six preset licenses.


Cover Design

You can design a professional cover for your library. The cover will be displayed first when you open the library. You can set a lot of properties in the library cover including title, company, author, version and time. You can adjust the properties display position, font, color etc. You can add a picture or gif animation for the library cover, too.


Background Music

You can integrate background music to the library and set the background volume and mute. The background music will be automatically played when presenting the library, and automatically be paused when presenting a sound resource.



Create a Self-extract EXE format VMC media library, anyone can browse this format VMC media library even doesn't install the software.


VMC Discovery

Discovery VMC media library in any webpage and Preview the media integrated online.


A Countdown Timer

A countdown timer makes sound and Teledex alert when triggered.


Six Beautiful Themes

Six beautiful featured themes relax your eyes.


Unicode and Multilanguage

Support Unicode and Multilanguage.



Several classic small games.



Image gallery and media player.


Multimedia Library

Pictures, audio, video, YouTube video, websites gallery.


Special Writing Tools

A special library that integrates a standard Microsoft Office Word document and many resources integrated such as reviews, comments, attachments and online resources links. Publish the Word at any time and keep the private resources yourself forever.


Digital sign business library.

The easiest and the cheapest way to sign your contracts, files or cargo transfer records, meeting minutes etc.


Basic functions






Unlimited VMC Creation






Each VMC Max media links






Each VMC Max linked media size

32 MB

128 MB

256 MB



Each VMC Min media playing time

30 seconds

20 seconds

10 seconds



Each VMC Max review& comment






Each VMC Max review size

1 KB

5 KB

10 KB



Each VMC Max comment size

50 Chars

512 Chars

1024 Chars







Always up to date.

Free minor update and major upgrade during subscription duration.


Life Time use + free minor Updates.

You can free update to version 3.xx.xxxxx, but you need to pay for the upgrade to version 4.xx.xxxxx, just like you need to pay for windows 8 when you bought windows 7.


Life Time use + free major Upgrades.

You can free upgrade any version, just like you have bought all windows version at once, include Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 etc.


AUTD edition renewal price is same with order price. LTUD and LTUG edition may be used indefinitely.


Transfer of a license to another owned computer is allowed.


You can install and activate the software at any time. Online license activation is required.


School license can be used for school only; only business license can be used for business.


May not be resold.


Support is provided for the lifetime of the product.

Install and use

Each license allows installation on 2 computers, but may not be used at exactly the same time.


Windows All 32bits & 64bits with .NET 4.0

1, Install Microsoft Office 2002 or higher if you want to preview old Word, Excel and PowerPoint docs.

2, Update Windows Media Player Codec if you want to watch more kinds of video.

3, Install Adobe Flash Player if you want to preview YouTube video.

4, Install Adobe Reader if you want to preview PDF doc.


Aside from the project itself, a comprehensive documentation is one of the most important elements that can improve the opinion of users or participants. Portable Vole Media CHM Free Edition can be of great use when it comes to updating and signing CHM files, targeting both beginner and advanced users.

Written by Cristina Jitaru

Vole Media CHM, kullanıcıları için .CHM bçiminde yardım dosyaları oluşturmayı amaçlayan ücretsiz bir programdır. Program ile oluşturacağınız .CHM biçimdeki dosyaya resim ve müzik ekleyebilirsiniz. Program ayrıca Office Word dosyalarınızı da kolaylıkla .CHM yardım dosyasına dönüştürnenizi sağlar.

Written by cowboy

Vole Media CHM - бесплатная и простая в использовании программа, благодаря которой пользователь может с легкостью создавать файлы CHM из текстовых документов и добавлять к ним мультимедийные файлы (аудио, видео и изображения). Присутствует возможность конвертации DOC файлов, можно импортировать и публиковать готовые документы, задавать уровень доступа, указывать авторство и пр.

Written by

Удобная программа для создания файлов формата CHM из любых текстовых документов, после чего вы сможете к ним легко добавить любые мультимедиа файлы, будь это аудио файл или видео, картинки, скачать Vole Media CHM можно ниже. При желании вы сможете конвертировать DOC файлы, готовые документы можно публиковать и импортировать.

Written by RuFull

Vole Media CHM Professional Edition is a platform and controller to create media libraries that integrate Microsoft Word, CHM, images, and multimedia for the total experience. Imagine creating online docs and help files that surround the user with relevant text, sounds, pictures, videos, and links to websites. And just as the user experience viewing the VMC library will be, so too is the ease at which you will create these libraries.

Written by Derek Lee

Vole Media CHM programı, bu notları çok daha rahat bir şekilde hazırlamanıza yardımcı oluyor ve CHM dökümanları yaratmanızı sağlayarak kullanıcı dostu bir dökümantasyon ortaya çıkarmanıza imkan tanıyor.

Written by Yiğit Ekim Demir

Software developers know that a complete and detailed documentation is one of the key features that get their applications to be more appreciated by regular users. Vole Media CHM aims to help them achieve this purpose by providing a user-friendly environment that assists them in generating and publishing CHM documents. Unlike other help file generators, Vole Media CHM is not meant for creating a CHM file from scratch, with numerous topics and customization preferences.

Written by Software 2012 download

Vole Media CHM to profesjonalna platforma do tworzenia różnych bibliotek multimedialnych integrujących dokumenty z Microsoft Word, CHM, zdjęcia cyfrowe, pliki multimedialne (audio i wideo).Vole Media CHM oferuje ogromną ilość zróznicowanych opcji i funkcji przy tworzeniu biblioteki multimedialnej. Użytkownicy mogą zaimplementować nowoczesne interfejsy graficzne, dodać muzykę odtwarzaną w tle, publikować dane i dokumenty oraz stworzyć samorozpakowującą się bibliotekę multimediów - idealny do dystrybucji dla klientów lub przyjaciół!

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