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A more graceful way to browse the web

One-click to get all your websites ready in a nicely gallery format

Vole Internet Expedition is a new generation web browser, a fast and more graceful way to browse the web. Vole Internet Expedition Scene-Reproduce feature reproduces all the websites that you customized automatically, Docking-tabbed feature lets you dock and table your websites as you want. You do not have to manually search, open and close the same websites again and again. You do not have to manually adjust the websites docking and table position again and again. So have a cup of coffee, open the software lets Vole Internet Expedition do all for you, it will save much time for you every day. With new features like Ad-Blocker, VMC Discovery, Countdown Timer, six beautiful color themes and more, it is really a faster and more graceful way to browse the web. If you are tired of opening the same websites again and again every day, if you already have your best websites collection, if you do not want to remember the long meaningless URLs, if you want to save more time for coffee, you may try Vole Internet Expedition now!


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One-click operate, gets all web pages within any scene ready automatically. Instant navigation and accurate position. Scene-Reproduce feature will automatically save the opened web pages and their docking configuration to your local disk and will restore the opened web pages same as saved when starts. And more, scene can be exported and imported. If you export your scene and import to as many as other computers, BOOM, all the other computers will open websites same as yours.


Docking-Tabbed is premium window control technology that lets you dock and table window as you want, Parallel, Vertical, Horizontal, Float, Horizontal Group, Vertical Group, Prominent, etc. This lets you view your web pages more convenient than ever. Most of the software you can imagine cannot provide this complicated feature, such as Windows, Office, iTunes, etc. Up to now, any other web browsers don't have this feature.


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Five-level Topology & Multi-Process Mode

Web pages, categories, projects, scenes and scene manager five-level topology structure, the heaviest loaded web browsers. Vole Internet Expedition can open these huge number of web pages in single process like Firefox or multi-process like Chrome.

Scenes Synchronize

The software supports scenes synchronize data via Scene Export and Scene Import command. Scenes synchronize supports between setup editions and portable editions. So you can import scenes from your work laptop into your home desktop when go home. Or you can import scenes from your workmates. The built-in VIE Examples is just a scene export from our PC. You can import it into your PC when click it. Imagine, open all preset websites in gallery style in the scenes without typing a word! That is Great!


More than 2000 ads server will be filter when you open this feature. You may enable or disable this feature via the top right Advance tool button. There is an Ad-Blocker button in category browser. You may choose different value in the category browser as well.

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Six Color Themes

Six beautiful featured themes relax your eyes; they are: Office Blue, Office Silver, Office Black, Media Blue, Media Orange and Media Purple;

Tutorial Video



Generic Function Modules


Calculate one or two files MD5 values to verify or compare files.


Create a unique 32 chars string.


Base64 is a group of similar binary-to-text encoding schemes.

Word to CHM

Free Covert Microsoft Word doc to CHM help doc.

CHM Viewer

Free preview Microsoft CHM doc.

Magic GIF

Convert images to GIF animation, support delay and size customized.

Images Watermark

Add text and image watermark to images.

Music Mate

Attach image, GIF animation and lyrics to music.

Find and Replace

Find and replace in files.






Free Edition

Professional Edition

Ultimate Edition



Scene Reproduce

Get all your web pages ready automatically a more graceful way to browse the web.

Description: C:\Users\Norman\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\FeedNoKey.png


Docking-Tabbed is premium window control technology. Reproduce Docking-Tabbed is unique technology in the world.

Five-level Topology

Pages, categories, projects, scenes and scene manager five-level topology structure, the heaviest loaded web browsers.


Seven Preset Category

General, Learn, Work, Live, Leisure, Assistant and VMC seven preset categories lets you organize your websites with easy.



Filter more than 2000 ads server by default.


Auto and manual login

Auto and manual save login info.


Microsoft IE Cornel

Derived from the latest Microsoft IE, trusted and safest.


VMC Discovery

Browse VMC media library online.



Image gallery and media player.



Several classic small games.


Task Manager

Manage other software in one place.


Six Beautiful Color Themes

Six beautiful color themes relax your eyes.

Counter Timer

An easy to use counter timer supports sound alarm.


Unicode and Multilanguage

Support Unicode and Multilanguage.


Max Pages in Category




A category is a general browser table can include as many web pages as you want.


Max Categories in Project




A project can have several categories. You can use the seven preset categories or renew them as you want.


Max Projects in Scene




A scene can have several projects.


Max Scenes in Manager




You can manage several scenes via scene manager.






Always up to date.

Free minor update and major upgrade during subscription duration.


Life Time use + free minor Updates.

You can free update to version 3.xx.xxxxx, but you need to pay for the upgrade to version 4.xx.xxxxx, just like you need to pay for windows 8 when you bought windows 7.


Life Time use + free major Upgrades.

You can free upgrade any version, just like you have bought all windows version at once, include Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 etc.


AUTD edition renewal price is same with order price. LTUD and LTUG edition may be used indefinitely.


Transfer of a license to another owned computer is allowed.


You can install and activate the software at any time. Online license activation is required.


School license can be used for school only; only business license can be used for business.


May not be resold.


Support is provided for the lifetime of the product.

Install and use

Each license allows installation on 2 computers, but may not be used at exactly the same time.


Windows All 32bits & 64bits with .NET 4.0

1, Install Microsoft Office 2002 or higher if you want to preview old Word, Excel and PowerPoint docs.

2, Update Windows Media Player Codec if you want to watch more kinds of video.

3, Install Adobe Flash Player if you want to preview YouTube video.

4, Install Adobe Reader if you want to preview PDF doc.


Vole Internet Expedition is an amazing browser that reproduces web pages in a gallery format, letting you switch between them more quickly and gracefully than ever before. With Vole Internet Expedition, you never have to worry about web pages not fitting correctly onto your screen, or recalling websites that you've accidentally closed. And when it comes to organizing your browsing sessions, there is no better way than by using Vole Internet Expedition. Imagine having preset galleries for when you want to browse the web at home, at work, or for a special research project! Just load your preset and BOOM, there are all of the websites that you want to view, all in a nicely formatted view for you to jump right into. You can even use Vole Internet Expedition to dock pages to specific locations, and port your entire experience to a different computer with ease.

Written by Derek Lee

A practical and innovative web browser that comes in handy for users who want to quickly navigate their favorite webpages and categorize them. There are a few alternatives to the mainstream browser, some of which have some really interesting approaches. Among these original applications, Vole Internet Expedition aims to attract as many users as possible through innovative concepts.

Written by Olivian Puha

Looking for an alternative to the more popular Internet browsers? Then check out Vole Internet Expedition, which provides users with a unique range of features, including multi-layered web page topology and docking web pages.

Written by Brandon Dimmel






















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