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Description: Vole Internet Expedition

Vole Internet Expedition gets all your web pages ready automatically and saves much time for you, is a faster and more graceful way to browse the web.

Description: Vole Windows Expedition

Vole Windows Expedition gets your files ready automatically and saves much time for you, is a more graceful way to manage your documents.

Description: Vole Edutainment

Vole Edutainment is amazing presentation software that can present a variety of local and online resources. 

Description: Vole Magic Note

Vole Magic Note lets you craft stunning multimedia notes that contain images, audio, video, and links to online resources.

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Vole Remember is memory enhancement software, lets you remember text, pictures, sound and video even online resources. 

Vole Word to Website can create and save the whole website within a single Office Word document. The simplest way to create stunning website.

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Paperless Business

Description: Vole Word Reviewer

Vole Word Reviewer adds reviews, comments, local file attachments, online reference links and digital signatures to Microsoft Office Word document without changing the file. Browse and review latest Office Word document without Office Word installation. Preview attachments and online reference links in built-in media player without opening other programs. With Vole Word Reviewer managing your files, you will be more confident to get through the ISO 9000 quality examination. 

Description: Vole CHM Reviewer

Vole CHM Reviewer lets you add rich text, multimedia reviews and digital signature to any Microsoft CHM document without changing the file.

Description: Vole Media CHM

Vole Media CHM is a MS Office Word based multimedia library that supports preview, review and digital sign. Vole Media CHM integrates all your documents and online resources into a single-file library with MS Office Word library description and previews the library resources in the built-in media player.

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Vole PDCA (Vole Plan-Do-Check-Act) is an iterative four-step management method used in business for the control and continuous improvement of processes and products. Vole PDCA lets you create MS Office Word based project description PLAN; Integrate all project documents into project document library to trace your DO; Support PKCS #12 digital signatures to CHECK; Powerful versions control can achieve ACT and continuous improvements. 

Description: Vole Media CHM

VMC Reader is a FREE Microsoft CHM help document and Sanwhole VMC multimedia library reader. With VMC Reader, you can bring your clients totally new generation help document user experience.

Remote Office

Description: Vole iOffice

Vole iOffice is a remote projects management and paperless digital office system. 

Description: Vole iOffice

Vole iSchool is a complete homework and exam digital remote paperless solution for school. 


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