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  • What is SWOTE?
  • SWOTE—The Right Choice for My Family Why should I choose SWOTE?
    • Is SWOTE Accredited?
    • Can I create pods micro-school on SWOTE?
  • Educational Questions Does SWOTE have an attendance requirement?
    • Who teaches students at SWOTE?
    • What kind of support does a virtual teacher provide to his/her students?
    • Who is responsible for reading and grading students’ course work done?
    • What is the schedule for the school year?
    • What hours will my student’s teacher be available to my student?
    • What hours will my student attend school at SWOTE?
    • How, and how often, will my student interact with his/her teacher and/or other students?
    • What curriculum does SWOTE provide?
  • Technical Questions What technology will student need to participate in SWOTE?
    • What computer skills do SWOTE students need?
    • Can I use my Apple, Macintosh computer to access SWOTE system?