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Sanwhole Online Traditional Education Academics

Sanwhole Online Traditional Education is based on traditional education. Students use handwritten device to do daily homework, usual tests, and mid-term and final examinations. Learning processes are same as traditional in school learning. The homework and test papers are reviewed and graded by real teacher. Therefore, students' academic record is authentic. Therefore, SWOTE can get accurate SWOTE Student Academic Evaluation according to students' academic achievements over the years.


SWOTE Student Academic Evaluation Accreditation

Apart from awarding student academic evaluation to students, SWOTE can also provide detailed student academic transcripts and original test papers to relevant units, schools and universities.

SWOTE student process control meets ISO 9000 documented information control including identification, storage, protection, retrieval, retention and disposition. That means that the whole learning process of students, including each homework and examination, has a complete original paper record.


  • Student Original Exam Papers
  • Teacher Reviews and Scores
  • Digital Signatures



These authentic, complete and traceable information about students can provide enough reference information for relevant units, schools and universities. To which countries, States, cities, schools and universities accredit this information, it needs the joint efforts of you and us. But there is no doubt that our detailed data give you an advantage over other virtual learning.