Sanwhole Exchange

A self-host server running iMail, iFile, iPress and iStore services.


iMail - an enterprise-class email server does Microsoft Exchange and Gmail work at same time.

Do company internal emails and public domain emails at same time. Even if you are on vacation, you can send and receive company internal emails and public domain emails. Easily isolate and merge company internal emails and external emails. No Windows server design, only Windows 8.1/10 required on server side. Web-based client access, a web browser will do on client side. Self-hosted server, support local network self-host and web-self-host.

We use iMail as our after-sales support.

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iFile – ISO 9000 documented information remote control system

  • Support ISO 9000 document and record control include identification, storage, protection, retrieval, retention and disposition control process - powerful.
  • Support ISO 9000 Process Control - powerful.
  • Support ISO 9000 Continue Improvement - powerful.
  • Support local and remote control, real remote office - essential.
  • All data is kept within the enterprise rather than in a third party - safest.
  • The structure is extremely simple and the use is incredibly convenient - simplest.

Note: the control objective of this system is the document, record, documented information involved in ISO 9000. But the system cannot directly control the machine, equipment and production products, unless the product itself is the documented information.



iPress - an all-in-one information exchange solution

iPress set blog, forums, group and ticket information exchange for one. Supports new thread, post and reply standard flow, supports like and unlike votes, support post attachment, supports image preview etc. 

We use iPress as our technical support.


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iStore - Business and Personal Online Store Solution

iStore is an online store. Supports standard purchase flow, account management, email management, automate holidays sales management, multiple currency and integrate PayPal IPN.

We use iStore as our sales platform.


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More benefits

Easy to use

Maintenance-free design, no professional maintenance required, no special training required.

Stand-alone server

Sanwhole Exchange server is stand-alone server, doesn’t need Windows server and database server, only Windows 8.1/10 required on server side.

Web-based client

Sanwhole Exchange server supports complete web-based client access, a web browser will do on client side.


Self-hosted serve

Sanwhole Exchange server is self-hosted server, and supports local network self-host and web-self-host.

System requirement

Exchange server: Windows 8.1/10.

Client: any web browser, any operating system.


Sanwhole Exchange Server Install and Setup (LAN)





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