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Professional Website Hosting Online Services for Vole PageShare.

Sanwhole PageShare Web Hosting system provides high stability, high speed and high security websites hosting service for Vole PageShare websites. The system uses highly stable Windows Server 2016 Datacenter operating system and Internet Information Services 10. The system uses pure high-speed SSD hard disk, multi-core CPU, massive memory and sufficient bandwidth to prepare the fast lane for the website hosting. The system server distributes the 3-level security backup system with different continents, different regions and different power sources. Servers are located in Munich, Nuremberg Germany and Buffalo United States.

Sanwhole PageShare Web Hosting system supports Vole PageShare standard websites and directory website hosting. The system provides free and domain names for all hosting websites, and can have a unique global web site even if the user does not have a domain name or domain name failure. The system supports custom domain names.


PageShare Web Hosting

Data Center


Nuremberg Germany


Munich Germany


Buffalo United States

Operating System

Windows Server 2016 Datacenter


Internet Information Services 10


Four cores ~ Ten cores


12 GB ~ 50 GB (guaranteed)

Disk storage

300GB ~ 1200GB 100% SSD

Port / bandwidth

100 Mbit/s port and UNLIMITED Traffic


100 Gbit/s

DDoS protection



Any number can be ordered

Sub Domain

Any number can be supported





We do not limit what you publish. You must, however, ensure that the content you publish does not violate the legal requirements of your country and may not violate international law.


Vole PageShare required.





What is group name? How to set up it and how to change it?

Group Name is your websites root name. You can only use names you own or you invented as your Group Name. If others prove they have your name. You will lose your Group Name. Therefore, do not use the country name, place name, well-known organization name as your Group Name. Group Name length is at least 6 characters and up to 32 characters. You can change your Group Name at Your Account | MANAGE PROFIL | Website.

How to connect website with custom domain?

How to connect your website to your domain? (Sanwhole, YouTube)

How to verify custom domain?

You can go to Your Account | MANAGE PROFIL | Domain and follow the following instructions to verify your domain

Go to your domain's DNS records.

Add the verification record.

Complete domain verification.



HOW TO - tutorial videos

How to publish your website to online via PageShare Web Hosting? (Sanwhole, YouTube)

How to connect your website to your domain? (Sanwhole, YouTube)

How to create directory style website? (Sanwhole, YouTube)








PageShare Web Hosting Plans






10 Websites

5 Websites

2 Websites

1 Website

The more websites you own, the more you can share your files.

1000 MB Storage

500 MB Storage

200 MB Storage

40 MB Storage

With increased storage space you’ll be able to upload more videos, images, mp3s and other files to your website.



2GB Bandwidth

400 MB Bandwidth

The more media you add to your website, the more bandwidth it requires. Keep data downloading smooth and site visitors happy.

Connect Your Domain

Connect Your Domain

Connect Your Domain


Connect a domain to publish your site to a domain you already own ( instead of a free subdomain of

Remove Ads

Remove Ads

Remove Ads


Remove the 'Create a free website with Sanwhole' link from the footer of your site. Give your site a more professional look by uploading your own favicon, which visitors will see in their address bar and browser tab.

DDos protected

DDos protected

DDos protected

DDos protected

The Sanwhole DDoS protection is a security system which automatically detects most DDoS attack so that the "malicious" attacking traffic is dropped and only the "real" desired traffic arrives at your website.





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